Corporate Training

Retail Management: Frontline Worker Series

  • Retail Outlet Customer Relationship Management
  • Retail Outlet Sales and Promotion Management
  • Retail Outlet Visual Merchandising Display Management
  • Retail Outlet Merchandise Management
  • Retail Outlet Team Development

Retail Management: Leadership Series

  • Retail Outlet Supervisory Skills (Communication)
  • Retail Outlet Supervisory Skills (Reporting)
  • Retail Outlet Sales Analysis
  • Retail Outlet Stock Inventory Operation
  • Retail Outlet Shrinkage Control
  • Effective Communication Skills for Retail Supervisors
  • Effective Leadership Skills for Retail Supervisor

Retail Management: Managerial Series

  • Retail Outlet Managerial Productivity Enhancement
  • Retail Outlet Sales Analytics
  • Retail Outlet Planogram
  • Retail Outlet Merchandise Management - 1 (Intermediate Level)
  • Retail Outlet Merchandise Management - 2 (Advanced Level)
  • Retail Outlet Communication Pack

Retail Management: Credit Sales Series

  • Retail Credit Processing - Documentation
  • Retail Credit Processing - Analysis
  • Retail Credit Processing - Customer Service
  • Retail Credit Processing Fraud Detection and Reporting
  • Retail Credit Sales Upselling & Add-on Credit Procession
  • Retail Credit Risk Management