List of Corporate Training 2024

Retail Management: Managerial Series

  • Retail Outlet Managerial Productivity Enhancement
  • Retail Outlet Sales Analytics
  • Retail Outlet Planogram
  • Retail Outlet Merchandise Management - 1 (Intermediate Level)
  • Retail Outlet Merchandise Management - 2 (Advanced Level)
  • Retail Outlet Communication Pack

Retail Management: Credit Sales Series

  • Retail Credit Processing - Documentation
  • Retail Credit Processing - Analysis
  • Retail Credit Processing - Customer Service
  • Retail Credit Processing Fraud Detection and Reporting
  • Retail Credit Sales Upselling & Add-on Credit Procession
  • Retail Credit Risk Management

Retail Management: Leadership Series

  • Retail Outlet Supervisory Skills (Communication)
  • Retail Outlet Supervisory Skills (Reporting)
  • Retail Outlet Sales Analysis
  • Retail Outlet Stock Inventory Operation
  • Retail Outlet Shrinkage Control
  • Effective Communication Skills for Retail Supervisors
  • Effective Leadership Skills for Retail Supervisor

Retail Management: Frontline Worker Series

  • Retail Outlet Customer Relationship Management
  • Retail Outlet Sales and Promotion Management
  • Retail Outlet Visual Merchandising Display Management
  • Retail Outlet Merchandise Management
  • Retail Outlet Team Development

Supply Chain Management

  • Effective Total Logistics Management
  • Strategic Procurement & Negotiation Skills (Cost Reduction Techniques)
  • Warehouse Operations and Management
  • Transportation and Distribution Network in SCM
  • Strategic Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  • Materials Planning & Warehouse Management
  • Strategic Vendor Sourcing, Selection Processes and Performance Appraisal
  • Legal Aspects of Procurement
  • INCOTERM 2020, Shipping Import and Export Documentation Procedures

Corporate Wellness

  • Corporate Wellness (Awareness)
  • Employee Health & Productivity
  • Cultivating Peak Performance: Corporate Wellness Training for Success (Intermediate Level)
  • Corporate Wellness (Advanced Level)
  • Wellness Synergy; A Corporate Synergy (Integrated Series)

Digital Marketing

  • Foundation in Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Associate
  • Foundation in Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Associate
  • Foundation in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Excel Basic and Intermediate
  • PowerPoint Basic and Intermediate
  • Infographic using PowerPoint
  • Power BI
  • Photoshop Level 1 & 2
  • Video Editing with Adobe Premier Pro
  • Graphics Design - Beginner and Intermediate
  • Data Visualization and Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Google Marketing Plaform
  • E-Commerce Management

Project Management

  • Effective Practical Project Management
  • Fundamental in Project Management
  • The Essential of Project Management - Intermediate
  • Project Management - Expert


  • Be a management marvel: Lead with impact
  • Be a management marvel: Lead with efficiency 
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Conflict management and negotiation
  • Change management: Navigating organizational transitions
  • Innovation and creativity in management
  • How to manage teams?
  • Anger management and dealing with difficult people at work
  • Time and stress management for Managers
  • Application of management productivity tools at the workplace


  • Leadership Accelerator: Unleash your potential in a day
  • Leadership Unleashed: mastering the art of influence
  • Ethic and Moral discipline at work
  • Work Ethics, Motivation, and Discipline for career success
  • Basic of dynamic decision making techniques
  • Emotional intelligence for leadership success
  • The future of work: Leadership strategies for tomorrow
  • Inclusive  leadership: Fostering diversity and belonging
  • Strategic planning and execution for Leaders
  • Psychological safety in leadership